EIM Call for BoF Sessions

EIM provides a forum for information managers, scientists, and informatics researchers to present and discuss advances in environmental information management, analysis, and modeling. EIM 2011 invites proposals for ‘Birds of a Feather’ Sessions, gatherings of people with shared interests for informal discussions and other activities during the conference.  Submissions focusing on the conference theme 'Data Interoperability for Synthesis Science' are encouraged, and other topics relevant to EIM are welcomed as well.

What is a "Birds of a Feather" Session?

At EIM, a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session is a 1-2 hour open session that allows a group of participants interested in a given topic to meet and discuss or work on that topic.  BoF sessions can be used for many types of activities -- your imagination is the only limit.  BoF sessions have been used for discussions of new technologies, demonstrations of software and systems, coding sessions to work on some new software or feature, technical tutorials, and many other things.  BoF sessions should not be a forum for oral presentations, as those should be submitted as Contributed Papers instead.  Proposals that are more focused on presentations are unlikely to be accepted. 

BoF Proposal Submissions

BoF proposal submissions should include a Title, Synopsis (< 1 page), proposed Session Length (1 hour or 2 hours), and the name, email, and affiliation of the session organizers. The proposal synopsis should clearly explain the activities that will occur during the session (e.g., discussion, software, demo, coding, hands-on tutorial, etc.), provide a rationale for why this session will be valuable at EIM, and outline the types of target participants in the session. BoF proposals should be submitted through the EasyChair online review system.  The BoF proposal submission deadline is July 31, 2011.

BoF proposals will be anonymously peer-reviewed. There are limited numbers of time slots available for BoF sessions, but we will try to accept as many requests as possible. 

Online Submission System

All submissions should be made through the EasyChair online review system.  You will need to create an account in EasyChair, and then submit materials following the instructions in the EasyChair system.

Important Dates

  • BoF proposal deadline: July 31, 2011
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